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Rod has a well deserved weekend off and will be back with us on Monday. Enjoy the break, Rod.

Yesterday was Richard Kegler's birthday - he of the P22 Type Foundry, those wonderful people who brought you Beatsville. To celebrate the event Rod designed a truly creative Flight Plan using the P22 Beatsville font but the technical problems we had yesterday prevented us from getting it on-line.

Now we know not all of you have the Beatsville font installed on your computers so we've posted images of the first 3 pages of what should have been yesterday's Flight Plan for you to see the full effect of all Rod's hard work.

Check them out, they're terrific fun and you'll also learn how to prepare the perfect martini. Wonder if Waldo had a hand in this?

Martini Guide Page 1

Martini Guide Page 2

Martini Guide Page 3

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Richard!

                                - Ken, Johannesburg, November 21.

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Rod's random thoughts Good character nearly always leads to capitol.

Invest in yourself. You are your best asset.

Without firmness of purpose genius wastes its efforts.

Use caution in thinking ill of other and even more in reporting it.


To see them dance
is always such a marvel
whether they run down
the length of Strauss
or stand in place for Stoney End.

Their motions are as fluid
as a kind of liquid neon,
even on a floor so crowded
that each of them appears
to be the other’s
next of kin.

The dancing
like the darkness
has no starting place
and seemingly no real end.

If you come here
three nights running
you begin to feel
the night starts only
with your arrival
and stops as quickly
when you go.

I wasn’t dancing
but I wasn’t standing still.
I wasn’t hunting, but I hoped.
New Year’s Eve did not fill up
the forefront of my mind.
I didn’t need tomorrow
only now.

Maybe I stayed longer
than I’d planned
for with the music
and the lateness of the hour
before I’d finished living now
I was driving through tomorrow.

Later on the street
the last fall leaves
were flying through
the railings
to float

Another evening maybe:
with the winter dead ahead
I had three dozen nights
lined up and waiting
no different than the one
I’d just come through.

I could be content
to walk back slowly
and finally slide down into
the same safe security
that only hotel beds afford.

Knowing that it waited
empty in the darkness
my footsteps quickened.

                                - from "Moment to Moment" 1973,1975

1984, 1988, 1998 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander
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